Global fitness

1. Exercise anywhere with bodyweight training

A growing trend that’s set to take exercising back to basics, bodyweight training is a simple way to utilise one of the most effective exercise tools you have: your own body.

Discover a couple of simple bodyweight routines online or work with a personal trainer to devise the ideal set of reps for you. Soon you’ll be free to exercise wherever you are, with no equipment or time restrictions – perfect for fitness fans who regularly travel for work or pleasure.

2. Merge disciplines for a new breed of workout

Switching up your routine can be great for motivation, and we are increasingly seeing gyms and personal trainers combining a variety of fitness activities to create hybrid classes that promise a full-body workout.

For example, taking inspiration from ballet-inspired Barre classes that focus on strength and conditioning, BootyBarre turns up the heat by combining Pilates, cardio and dance-based moves for a dynamic, full-body workout. Having built up a loyal following in America, it’s starting to roll out across the globe, so look out for classes at your local gym.

Also gaining momentum is TRX training, which promises to complement and improve your yoga practice. While traditional yoga uses blocks or bolsters to support various poses, TRX, which stands for total-body resistance exercise, uses anchors and straps to suspend the body and help users master more advanced postures.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has already established itself as a firm favourite, but why not up the intensity while protecting your joints by looking for water-based HIIT exercise classes? Offering an intense aqua-aerobic workout, it’s another way of combining two fitness activities in one. You can also give your HIIT sessions a more meditative edge, with a blend of HIIT, yoga and Pilates workouts.

3. Family fitness shows exercise has no age limit

With many gyms and personal instructors increasingly offering bump-friendly exercise classes, pregnancy fitness is booming. Seek the advice of your GP or midwife before signing up to antenatal Pilates, aqua-aerobics and cardio classes that have been tailored for expectant mothers.

Once your baby is born, postnatal classes can provide a fun way of bonding with your new arrival while maintaining an active lifestyle. Grab your pram or pushchair and head for a walking workout where you and baby can enjoy fresh air and the opportunity to socialise with other new mothers and their little ones.

4. Tech innovations make home exercise even easier

Providing access to your very own online instructor, the BoxxMethod’s brand-new virtual app is set to make boxercise sessions even bigger this year. Combining HIIT with shadow boxing, the method offers a complete workout and, best of all, you don’t need any bags, pads or a ring to feel the benefits. All you need is the app and a pair of 1kg dumbbells, so it can be completed at home or while travelling for work or pleasure.

Digital instructors coach you through a series of short but relentless rounds, and you can choose a workout to suit your specific goals. For example, you can tailor your session to target your full body, lower body or upper body, then set aside as little as 15 minutes three times a week to start your boxing fitness journey.

5. Digital tools to support your workout

Give your workout a technological edge by checking out some of the greatest fitness gadgets of 2017.

Having monitored our workouts for years, devices worn on the wrist might soon be coming second place to ‘invisible’ activity trackers. Masquerading as stylish stones, the trackers hidden inside Ringly’s jewellery range track steps taken, distance travelled and calories burnt, allowing the wearer to set daily targets via their smartphone. They can also alert users to incoming messages without them having to reach for their phone mid-meeting.

Are you looking for musical motivation? Fitness app Runkeeper integrates Spotify to stream your favourite playlist while tracking your progress.

Give your exercise routine an overhaul and discover your new favourite workout by trying the latest trends to hit the fitness scene.